About Pulmuone Foods

In 1955, Pulmuone® started as a single organic farm. Today, the company’s products are enjoyed around the world.

Pulmuone was founded in Seoul, Korea by CEO and Chairman, Mr. Seung-Woo Nam, a man with an immense passion for cultivating all-natural products. With great determination to create a successful business, Mr. Nam enlisted his mentor, Mr. Kyung-Sun Won to join his journey. Mr. Won is a spiritual visionary whose foundations in organic farming guided him to develop a farming cooperative composed of South Korea’s first organic farm, as well as a small organic vegetable store. Collectively, Mr. Nam and Mr. Won have transformed Pulmuone into one of Korea’s largest food companies—where its products remain synonymous with authentic, wholesome foods.

Always looking to spread the all-natural cheer, Mr. Nam expanded in 1989, bringing his time-honored principles and an unrivaled commitment to providing authentic, all-natural products with the highest quality of ingredients to the United States.

Headquartered in Fullerton, California, Pulmuone has manufacturing facilities throughout California, as well as in New York. These facilities house food scientists and experts who work tirelessly, utilizing cutting-edge technology to research and develop the most organic, all-natural, delicious products.

In total, Pulmuone employs nearly 110 company food scientists (domestically and internationally) and, as a result, is recognized as a leader in refrigerated, all-natural food products.

Our United States portfolio includes the Monterey Gourmet Foods® brand, featuring all-natural pastas and sauces, the Wildwood® brand, offering meat alternatives such as tofu, salsas, hummus and dairy alternatives and the Fit Patties brand, our protein-rich chicken and vegetable patties.

Our Korea portfolio includes Pulmuone, Soga and I’m Real, which feature soybean products, fresh noodles, juice, bottled water and sauces.

To learn more, visit the Pulmuone Foods USA website.

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